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Revit Software Fundamentals
  • Interface
  • Design
  • BIM
  • Editing
  • Importing / Exporting
  • Massing
  • Building elements i.e. floors,
    doors, wdws, roofs, etc.
  • Components and scheduling
  • Interiors, Detailing
  • Sheets

Shari Kamimori
Revit Software Advanced
  • Massing (solid modeling)
  • Families
  • Roofs Points & Splits, Organic
  • Site Isuues - Topography, Shared Coordinates
  • Materials & Rendering
  • Scheduling
Revit Software Fundamentals
Interior Design
  • Interface
  • Drawing & Editing
  • Importing / Exporting
  • Building elements
  • Components & Scheduling
  • Rendering & Materials
  • Sheets

Kamimori & Bohan
Revit Software Fundamentals
  • Interface
  • Editing & Drawing
  • Importing / Exporting
  • Detailing and Scheduling
  • Massing (solid modeling)
  • Families
  • Sheet Composition

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Revit Software now has the capability of modeling thru point cloud images.
Click the "Scan to BIM" link below for more info.
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Revit Software For Architecture

Autodesk is now using Revit Software as their BIM architectural program. Autodesk has announced that Revit Software is destined to replace AutoCAD Architecture as the Autodesk architectural program. Specifically designed for Architecture, Revit Software takes advantage of 3D, parametric, object oriented, single data base relationships. Simply put, Revit Software links all of your project data together so that in most cases, one need not update files or schedules when a change has been made. For example, if one were to add a window into a floor plan in Revit Software the elevations, sections, schedules, etc. would be updated automatically. Not only is this an enormous saving of time but it also eliminates one of the primary causes of mistakes in drawing sets. In addition, Revit Software is fully 3D meaning your elevations are done when you finish a floor and roof plan and you can use sections for design purposes as they are live when created, updating as you go. Furthermore the structural and MEP tools are now woven into the software to produce the Building Information Model (BIM) that is sought after in the AEC industry. Since the 2012 version of Revit Software, laser photographic technology in the form of point clouds can now be used to Model create extremely accurate Revit building models.

Now 3DArchitecture is offering online webcast training courses using GoToMeeting so that virtually anyone in the world, hooked up to the internet, can learn Revit Software. These recorded classes can be taken live or by reviewing the webcast recordings and then meeting on line with the instructor. Webcasts are becoming the industry standard as they are much cheaper to administer and offer the convenience of not having to leave the office or home. Online training is especially relevant for high tech subjects as most teaching takes place either on the instructor's or the student's computer. Feel free to contact me for a free demonstration.

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